StreamOla™ Desktop Turntable App for Windows PC


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  • Microsoft Windows Compatible!
  • 100% Chromeless Desktop App!
  • America’s Top Two 80’s Music Streams!
  • Listen 24/7/365 for FREE!
  • Fully Animated Turntable!
  • Single User License!
  • Need The Apple MAC Version? CLICK HERE!



This Elegant & Vintage redesign of my popular StreamOLA™ desktop turntable app, is already seeing an unexpected level of requests nationwide. I knew it was super cool as I was building it, but thought I might be the only one using the app on my machine. I was wrong.

The Stream-Ola™ desktop turntable streams two of America’s Top 80’s music feeds, and broadcasts crystal clear music 24/7. On channel one, you can hear the heavier version of the 80’s…with my Hairband Feed. Rock hard with Black Sabbath, Ozzy, Van Halen, QueensRyche, & 100’s More. With channel two, listen to the synthesized iconic sounds of the 80’s, with bands like Human League, Psychedelic Furs, Gary Numan, INXS, Nu Shooz, Talking Heads, and 100’s More!


When you launch Stream-Ola™, choose a channel, and hit PLAY…you’ll notice the authentic sound of a vinyl “hiss”. This slight “hiss” plays for just 20 seconds while the turntable initiates the music stream from the web. This sound is an actual recording of a vinyl record, and replaces the streaming delay of dead air…with the warmth, richness, and scratchy anticipation of WHY WE LOVE VINYL in the first place!

After 20 seconds of buffering your music with an authentic vinyl “hiss”, the feed goes clean, and remains that way for the duration of your listening pleasure on that channel. Of course changing channels “re-initiates” the hiss, and we start over. Just like a real record swap!


From the get go, you’ll notice that Stream-Ola™ is fully animated…and appropriately so. Open the sliding glass dust cover, and you’ll gain access to the controls. Choose a channel, and watch the corresponding record slide into place. Click Play, and the record will start to spin, and the music stream will initiate. Further notice how the tone-arm rotates to it’s “play” position, ready for music to sync. For the astute vinyl aficionado, you’ll even notice that the actual rotational speed of the record is correct (33 1/3 RPM records spin @ one full rotation per 1.81 seconds). Hit Stop, and the record will stop spinning, allowing you to change the channel and access different music. You can also “Reset” the turntable with the reset button, and send the player back to it’s initial state.

Stream-Ola™ also allows for minimization to the PC tray, and will run in the background until you interact with it again. Being a fully chromeless desktop application, you can move the turntable around anywhere on your PC and enjoy Stream-Ola™ while you work!


Stream-Ola™ is capable of streaming from your PC to any Bluetooth™ enabled speaker system. Consult both the user guide in your Bluetooth™ system, and your PC settings for initiating and connecting to Bluetooth™ systems.


Your Stream-Ola™ purchase includes instructions, the Adobe Air Runtime installer specific to your Windows PCs, and the full desktop application. By following the instructions, you’ll be listening to the 80s’ Most Awesome Music in less than five (5) minutes!

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