How We Do Things At RETRO100 Pop Culture CollectiblesRETROFIED!

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The RETRO100 Headquarters is centrally located in the heart of the Midwest (Lincoln, NE), which makes for an unrivaled shipping deployment speed for our customer’s orders. In most cases, our shipped packages arrive to their destinations in just 2-3 days, even when orders come in from the East and West coasts. This geographical advantage is just one way we make your retro100 collectible shopping experience a step above; you’ll always get your orders very quickly!

Furthermore, our highly professional staff takes your customer service very serious, and we all know that you need strong assurances when it comes to the care and handling of your valuable retro collectible purchases. We maintain all of our inventory in a non-smoking, pet-free, hyper clean and dust-free environment at all times. Even in storage we are ever mindful that our collection receives the greatest of care…which is why we pay close attention to factors such as: moderate air temperatures, storage humidity, non-damaging light sources, pest control, stacking limitations and scent/aroma influence management.

Finally, we are avid collectors, historians of coolness, treasure hunters and youth seekers ourselves…just like you. We thrill in the quest for those lost relics of our childhood, the toys, the action figures, the endless trinkets and memorabilia that recaptures a time in our lives when everything was new, exciting and made sense. Only this time, the collectible scores we make are about the stories we can tell our friends, children, grandchildren…or even retell ourselves over and over again about the awesomeness we once knew. These displays we build in our man caves, she sheds, game rooms and whiskey dens are the delightful repositories for a great new story that’s just begging to be told!

So what story do you want to tell next?


All orders received by 3pm CST Monday through Friday, and by 1pm CST on Saturdays, will be processed and shipped the SAME DAY. Every order is professionally packed using the most protective materials available, properly insured, and then shipped in heavy duty 200# corrugated boxes which provide maximum protection. Tracking numbers for each of your purchases will be automatically uploaded to your MY ACCOUNT page upon shipment, and can be checked and tracked right up until delivery. Of course you’ll also receive automatic email notifications detailing your purchases, including tracking numbers, special offers and more…for your records.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We DO NOT pad our shipping rates like so many other stores do! Our shipping costs are your shipping costs, and not a penny more! Ever!

Furthermore, all orders shipped from RETRO100 are sent out in brand new corrugated boxes, with brand new packing material…every time! WE NEVER REUSE boxes and packing material, like so many other online sellers do. With RETRO100, you will never receive your coveted collectibles in re-purposed diaper or toaster boxes, packed with smokey and suspicious bubble wrap from who knows where. We believe our methods are the only acceptable protocol for earning your business, as well as protecting your newly purchased collectibles.


We go above and beyond to accurately explain the condition of all the collectibles on our website, and which items are returnable…and which are not. Items that qualify for returns will be clearly marked in their listing, descriptions and even in the invoice details. For these items, RETRO100 makes the return process very simple, so just contact us during business hours and we’ll help you get the process started and a refund underway.

Items that ARE NOT ELIGIBLE for returns or refunds, will also be clearly marked in their listing, description and invoice details. Typically the items that are NOT ELIGIBLE for returns, are the high-end items that cannot be replaced due to their rarity/known low quantity. Once they leave our collection and are delivered to you, we no longer have control over their condition/completeness/etc., and thereby no longer qualify for a return or refund. However, if upon delivery your item(s) are damaged, that’s when our insurance would kick in and the replacement costs would be handled by our shipper back to us. In the event that this happens to your shipment, then you will certainly qualify for a full and prompt refund.


We think you’ll really appreciate our approach to keeping you in touch with what’s going on. First off, we DON’T Facebook, we DON’T tweet, we DON’T snapchat and we most certainly DON’T SPAM our private buyers with fortuitous email blasts! In other words, we don’t ask our customers to follow us, like us, share us or do anything for us for any reason. We don’t make you jump through hoops to get the information you need, nor do we ask you to waste your time playing games for the sake of a discount or news you need. Ever!

What we do offer, and only for those interested, are the following two things (both 100% FREE OF CHARGE!): A simple email newsletter that you can opt-in to, whereby we send our latest specials, discounts, promo codes, new products and collector news twice per month, and an Exclusive INSIDERS TEXT CLUB program…that delivers a time-sensitive, mission critical text to our members when special opportunities arise that they need to know about. Let’s take a closer look at each.

  • RETROMAIL™ EMAIL PROGRAM: Twice per month, we send a well developed, information rich and graphically stunning email showcasing the latest developments at RETRO100. In these emails, you’ll find such information as our newest collectible acquisitions, inspiring stories from collector’s scores and their “barn finds” that keep us all going, insider information on market dynamics that will help you maximize selling returns on your collectibles…and upcoming events (entertainment driving forces & market data) that will explode collector interests in certain categories. ~ Your cost to join? FREE!
  • RETROTEXTS™ TEXT PROGRAM: We all know that when it comes to scoring the best retro collectibles, TIMING is of the essence! Whether it’s an eBay auction missed by just a couple minutes, Numbered Collector Release Events that won’t last the hour…or simply getting that critical “heads-up” on new items you’ve been looking for, when you need to know…you need to know NOW! Our RETROTEXTS™ program will keep you ahead of the game, when seconds and minutes really count. ~ Your cost to join? FREE!