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We understand the passion behind collecting, and how much time, energy and money it can take to acquire the collection you love. We also know how hard it can be to emotionally let go of your most prized items if you decide to sell some off…or the whole collection for that matter. Listing items on eBay, Amazon, Etsy, LetGo, Craigslist, etc…can all take an enormous effort to do it right, then you have the risks associated with strangers coming to your home, packing and shipping your prized items one by one to people who may or may not care about them, and then there’s the issue of getting the top dollar you deserve…while paying all of the selling fees that each platform takes away from your investment return.

As we all know, when it comes to selling collectibles, usually folks turn to eBay for the best perceived return on their items, followed by Amazon and all the other avenues a distant second and beyond. But selling on eBay has its risks too, and more times than most are willing to admit, they get far less for their collectibles than they should…especially when coupled with the fees you have to pay at the end of the auction/purchase. Not to mention the costs for packing, shipping and insuring your items so you’re protected in the event of theft or damaged deliveries (which happens a lot these days!).

Case in point: What happens if you sell a prized item on eBay, box it up nicely and securely, pay for postage and get it sent off at lightning speed so your customer is happy. Then, after watching your tracking number validate proof of delivery to your customer, the customer messages you through eBay to say they NEVER GOT THE PACKAGE…and THEY WANT A REFUND? Did you know, that even with proof of a valid delivery, once a customer files a “Refund Request” through eBay…and if they’re unscrupulous and bullheaded enough to insist on nothing more than a refund…that eBay will take their word and deduct the money from your PayPal/merchant account if you don’t refund first. Think it doesn’t happen regularly, think again. With package theft at an all time high, and because eBay always protects the buyer before the seller (even when you do everything perfect and play by the rules), that you’ll still get left holding the bag at the end of the day! Who are you going to complain to? Ebay? What are they going to do…they’ll see your proof of delivery, but that doesn’t mean anything anymore…especially when the customer says they didn’t get the item…so they’ll side with the customer. Can you complain to the shipper? What if they show a valid proof of delivery? They’ll take the stance that they did their job, and so what fault is it of theirs to correct things and refund you? None!

THE ONLY PROTECTION you have as a seller, is to NEVER SEND ANY PACKAGE without a required signature and plenty of insurance! Period! Forget USPS First Class, or USPS Priority “without a signature” and extra insurance! ALWAYS INSURE YOUR PACKAGES FOR MORE THAN THEY’RE WORTH…AND GET THAT SIGNATURE!

Even if you do all of these things correctly, and you’ve covered your tracks to a “T”, you can still lose. It happens all the time to good folks, trust us! That’s the world we now live in.


We believe in doing things the old fashioned way: face to face, shaking hands and paying cold hard cash! No games, no pulling punches, no beating you down to nothing on price…just straight up fair dealing where we all win!

Maybe it’s just one or two pieces you’d like to sell, or maybe your whole collection. Regardless of the size or the amount of your collection you want to discuss selling, once we open a dialogue between each other, we can decide the best way to proceed. We may have to drive or fly to where you are, but that’s okay, we can do that. Whatever it takes to make your experience a positive one and the transaction secure and straight forward…we’ll do it.

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