BEHIND THE GLASS: The lighted glass display case exists for one reason, and one reason only…to showcase those ultra special items everyone wants the most! I’m talking slobbery kind of wanting here, the kind that quickens the pulse and sweaties the palms at the mere thought of taking ownership over the most coveted collectibles.

Well, like most collectors, we too have items that deserve to be showcased behind the glass, and lit from above with a ray from heaven. The real question is, will we be able to release our most coveted items and actually place them up on the site for people to buy? I think “slowly” is proper feeling here, and that’s as far as we can go right now.

So when the mood is right, and the stars are all lining up for us, we’ll start placing some really cool stuff behind the glass for our great customers to pick up and display in their own collections. Albeit with a tear in our eye and lump in our throats!

All we can finish with is, make sure you’re checking regularly, so you don’t lose that potential score you’ve been dreaming of. Odds are, it’s behind the glass, and rays from heaven are showcasing its covetous glory!

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