We live in a world filled with zombie collectibles, so get used to it will ya. In fact, zombie merchandise is so much the rage, that collectors are clamoring at a feverish pace for the latest greatest pieces that money can buy.

Never before have we had access to so much awesome zombie merch as we do now, but the thrill is in finding those rarer pieces that look great behind the glass in our display cabinets. So at RETRO100.com, we are living like the undead, jamming coffee down our throats at record pace…just trying to keep up with the demand.

Almost daily, we’re finding killer cool zombie items that deserve a place in our display cases, and occasionally…we’ll list of few of those items for you to buy. Be sure to check RETRO100.com as often as you can, or even better…join our PRIVATE TEXT CLUB or RETROMAIL and get tipped off to the best deals as they unfold.

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