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STAR WARS K-2SO Magnet Collectible ROGUE ONE – MISB



* STAR WARS’ K-2So from Rogue One
* Heavy Duty Magnet Collectible
* Limited Stock

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STAR WARS K-2SO – Rogue One Collectible

K-2SO is an Imperial security droid who has been reprogrammed by the Rebel Alliance. He is co-pilot and “sidekick” to the rebel pilot Cassian Andor, and lends comic relief to the film. Ann Hornaday of The Washington Post noted K-2SO’s “angular, spidery limbed” appearance, calling him “snippily sarcastic”. IGN’s Eric Goldman described the droid as “C-3PO’s dark, amped up counterpoint. Like Threepio, he has a knack for giving troubling statistics, but instead of speaking with a worried attitude, K-2SO … has more of a resigned and often amusingly cruel and blunt approach.” Similarly, Chris Nashawaty of Entertainment Weekly called the character “C3PO’s more sarcastic, less fey cousin.” Todd McCarthy described K-2SO as “a more useful, resourceful and sarcastic version of C-3PO” in The Hollywood Reporter. Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian compared the character to the titular robot from Ted Hughes’ novel The Iron Man, writing:

“K-2SO is hulking and dark, more like Ted Hughes’s Iron Man in miniature, but with a droll way of objecting to orders; his style in backtalk involves a nicely timed deferred punchline. The arms are long, resulting in an almost knuckle-dragging, simian way of walking. In his taciturn way, K-2SO could almost be a quasi-Chewie presence.” ~ Source: Wikipedia

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