wizard of oz rare tin man collector mug by ringling brothers barnum bailey

WIZARD OF OZ™ TIN MAN MUG by Ringling Brothers Barnum Bailey©/Turner Entertainment©



* Wizard of Oz TIN MAN MUG (Early 1990’s)
* RARE 7″ 10oz. Flip-Top
* JACK HALEY Likeness Design
* Ringling Bros. & Barnum Bailey
* Funnel Lid w/straw slot




In the early 1990’s, while Ringling Bros. & Barnum Bailey was still drawing large crowds to the circus, Turner Entertainment© released a limited volume run of The Wizard of Oz Tin Man promotional mugs…made in the likeness of the actor that made the character famous, Jack Haley.

These mega attention-getting mugs were offered at the Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey circus concession stands, as an “upgrade” to a regular drink purchase, which naturally meant kids had to have them. Unfortunately, most didn’t survive over the last 25+ years, and who would have known they would have become such a rare oddity in the collector world. To this day, very few complete, unbroken, unused & stickered examples of The Wizard of Oz Tin Man mug are floating around. We’ve got eight great pieces in our collection.


Standing 7″ tall, The Tin Man’s “funnel hat” had a pass-through hole specially designed for a straw, allowing any youngster to easily sip their beverage of choice…while their eyes were fixed on the fiery hoop jumping performances of famous circus lions, tigers and bears.

It’s plastic painted construction is very susceptible to scratches, cuts, dings, and breakage, so it’s no wonder why most didn’t last very long in the hands of a child.

The mug is very comfortable in the hand of an adult, given the fact that the handle is actually quite ergonomic, and overall the base provides great stability. However, this will always be a better piece to have on a collector’s display shelf…than in the cupboard ready for use.


Among our collection of eight (8), three are complete with both factory stickers (info sticker under the handle & “microwave/dishwasher safe” sticker under the base) and in excellent unused condition, one has it’s info sticker, one has the microwave/dishwasher sticker, and the last three are missing both stickers. Other than the top three fully stickered examples, all the remaining five pieces are in overall excellent & complete condition.

Additional information

Weight .6 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 5 × 7 in

Complete Sticker, Single Sticker, No Stickers

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