You Ever Stop And Wonder….?


As I write this article, it’s late August of 2014, and I’m just remembering last night’s episode of American Pickers ( the A&E network’s hit vintage hunter show) where the guys try to make a deal on an old Schwinn BMX bike.  Almost immediately, I flashback to 1979, when I had my first Schwinn Scrambler 36/36 BMX bike (which weighed about a ton and 3/4 btw), and I am attempting to “table top” my first air at the dirt trails in Taylor Meadows (which is in Lincoln Nebraska for those who care).

While my mind hyperspaces back 35 years to think about that bike, I have this strange feeling that assures me that I am in the right creative space right now…..and I am edging ever closer to what I am supposed to be doing with my life.  You see, I’ve been to the top, and had a bite at the big apple.  At 35 years old, I became a millionaire in the medical equipment business, before it all came crashing down in what felt like a few days.  I’ve also had to sell items out of the house just to pay the mortgage.  But I wouldn’t trade it all for anything, because right now…all I can think about is that damn BMX bike!

Is that crazy or what?  How can a mediocre BMX bike like that, supersede those mega happenings in my life, and take me to a place that, frankly, I want to go again!

Well, it’s simple really; We will ALWAYS long for a time when we can once again make sense of things in the most simple of ways, and find ourselves deep inside the vein of mystic wonder we summoned as children, effervescently spirited to return to.  The great kicker in life is, it can take decades to create this “turn around point”.  And for me, it happened last night, while watching a show about old stuff in barns.  Funny how and why things can hit a guy.

In any case, I look forward to bringing you some really cool vintage stuff here on the RETRO BLOG, and hope you tune in from time to time.  Maybe even share your story of the past, and become a guest blogger here at RETRO 100?

Who knows, maybe in 30 years….they’ll even be telling vintage stories about us?


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